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Walkabout Films
USAID (SGAFP) Brown Bears project in Deosai

As the second project in our Give Back Series, Walkabout Films has been filming in the Deosai National Park, with the support of USAID’s Small Grants & Ambassador’s Fund Program. The film and educational shorts (IEE’s – Inform, Educate, Entertain,) will cover the flora and fauna of the park, as well as indigenous and nomadic people in and around the area. It will become not only an archive of the existing animals, birds and habitat, but will address important issues such as the impact of people on the Park, and the threat to endangered species.


When completed the films will be offered absolutely free to the people of Pakistan and worldwide. It will be freely distributed to all schools along with supporting educational resource material, in order to create awareness among the youth of the country as to their natural heritage, and through awareness and education, to engage them in the struggle to preserve it.