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Walkabout Films
Deoasi - The Last Sanctuary completed ...

The Give Back Project is pleased to announce that Deosai - The Last Sanctuary has been comleted and that the whole project shall be online by the first week of July on our temporary website www.thegivebackproject.org

Viewers will be able to watch the films in English, Urdu or Shina languages.

These are the first steps in bringong us all together ... to help ourselves, our wildlife and our natural heritage. We are all tied together in this delicate relationship and need to come together.

We would like to thank all those who helped and supported us in this adventure and we would especially like to thank the US Ambassador, the Honorable Richard Olson for his support and the suppor tof USAID and the Ambassadors Small Grants Program.

Gilgit-Batlistan and its people are the care takers of some of the most amazing places and wildlife on the planet .. it is our honor and pleasure to be part of this amazing story.