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Walkabout Films
The first ever Survivor Series filmed in Pakistan.

The first ever Survivor Series filmed in Pakistan was a huge success from a production and learning point of view. It is also the first ever Survivor to be filmed in extreme mountain conditions. All the previous Survivor series have been shot on islands or flatland environments. Survivor Pakistan was filmed in the remote Northern Areas of Pakistan where the teams and crew had to endure snowfall in June and temperatures of -10C!! Walkabout Films was the infield production unit and Nisar Malik hosted and Directed the series. Many lessons were learnt and we are confident of a huge target market in the making. The other feature was the benefits that the program brought to the local remote communities - over 2000 porters were used, (another first in the history of Pakistan?), and over 40 locals got jobs on site for the 2 months we were there. Our production crew was exposed to working with new equipment and in extreme conditions - amazing exposure in stunning terrain. The program was commissioned by Interflow Pakistan and sponsored by Mountain Dew.